Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Thus is what a rather known Radio Program – as an eminent contradiction to the nationally famous elocution about and declamation on the now tiring and tiresome hurrah “Daang Matuwid!” - is titled and accordingly listened to. No. It does not seem to have the intention of insulting or belittling anybody in particular. Much less does it seem that the Program considers itself much better in standing, in knowledge and actuation. A lot of jokes are therein said – jokes intended but to call attention to actually standing sad facts.

The Program simply wants to say what is the objective truth, what is the ground reality according to the belief and conviction of those doing the Program – plus more and more listeners and supporters they in fact have day after day. The individuals running the said Program are not saying they know better and/or they are doing better. They are just expressing their own perception about the now famous – or infamous – “Daang Matuwid” hurrah of the leader with his ever faithful and ever supportive KKK Team.

Daang Matuwid”? How could such an expression of honesty and integrity de facto include a litany of graft and corruption done as a matter of course? How could such a claim of honor and trustworthiness be consonant with the scandalous PDAP and DAP galore? Are continuous smuggling plus bribery unlimited plus regular misuse of public funds plus disregard with public utilities be following the “Straight Path”?

Daang Matuwid?” How could the supposed three co-equal branches of government have one thereof under the command of the other through proper funding, making the latter obedient to the former? Why was it that three Impeachment Cases at least against the one thus in command were readily pronounced as garbage? Is an eternal Hacienda Luisita – cause of the Mendiola Massacre and the Tarlac murders plus a pertinent Supreme Court decision contrary to it existence – be following the “Straight Path”?

Daang Matuwid”? How could one branch of government do anything and everything within its power not only to keep one but also the other remaining branch on account of the latter's unfavorable decision not only in the grand Hacienda issue but also on the truly porkish DAP? Is making partisan politics above truth and over justice but another element of the Straight Path” that precisely distorts facts, discards realities, belittle people?

If the above-mentioned erratic acts and errant agenda were altogether but fabricated and are therefore simply but imaginary, how come repeated angry rallies are done and ugly-looking effigies are burned? If everything said above were but distortion of facts and merely manufacture of truth, why is it that more and more people are hungry and angry such that they are more and more discontented with the present regime? And if all the above observations were but fantasies and falsities, why is it that there are progressively louder shouts for someone to just go away, to be out of the way? “Daan Tutuwad-tuwad” must be the reality after all.