Monday, November 17, 2014


This is not simply about fights caused by liquor intake, rumbles due to misunderstanding, brawls because of ill will. This in fact is much more than about snatching, stealing plus hold-ups 24/7. This is actually even much more than gangsters and smugglers, not to mention big schemes and scams, not to mention gross graft and corrupt practices by many public officials. And this certainly includes children and adult prostitution, rapes and illegal drugs trade, murders and massacres plus other crimes such as kidnappings and tandem murders repeatedly taking place as a matter of course all over the Country – specially in urban areas.

Such is not only the truly lamentable but also much detestable scenario in the Country today. It is the composite of all such social maladies that bring about the phenomenon of “Crimes Unlimited”. Hunger and destitution may cause these and those misdeeds. Lack of education plus scarcity of employment may trigger the above-said criminal disposition and consequent actuation. So it is the over-all question that comes to mind: “Why?”

It is most probably because that crime pays these times in particular. Crimes are repeatedly committed here and there, day and night. Criminals are caught and detained, subjected to trials but usually released. Back they go to society, committing more crimes even. More men and women and children they victimize. And the cycle of even more crimes committed by more criminals has become standard, not only an errant but also an erratic operating principle. It is practically some kind of a miracle if no crime takes place day in and day out, in the dark and in broad daylight. So it is that crimes become standard realities in the Philippines allegedly enjoying fast socio-economic development, proclaimed as the apple of the eye of investors from all over the world, alleged even as the favorite destination of foreign tourists.

Something must be wrong about an administration that demands, collects and enjoys all kinds of conceivable taxes from the general public yet miserably fails to give even but basic public service thereto – such as crime prevention and/or criminal prosecution.

Something must be wrong with a PNP and allied agencies, most of whose members must be good, honest and industrious individuals but not really a few number thereof are criminal protectors if not criminals themselves – such that people are in fact afraid of them.

Something must be wrong with a Judicial System that annually handles hundreds/thousands of Criminal Cases which however remain undecided upon forever and ever such that Courts actually become bodegas of pending cases – with the criminals in effect left free to commit more crimes.

What should be done? Tell the administration to get its act together or to get out of the picture? Advise the PNP and its kindred agencies to do better job or they would be out of job? Inform the Courts of the land to put criminals behind bars or the criminals would get rid of them?