Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Such recently reads the banner story in one foreign newspaper. The same big news and official announcement would have caused surprise, wonder if not downright disturbance among those who look down on women, who think that they are inferior creatures, who thus feel that men are superior brings and who wherefore believe that men and women are not created equal. Not few people already frown at Women Priests. Now, even Women Bishops are in the making. How disappointed if not disgusted they could be.

So it is certain that prior to this Christmas 2014, there will be also Women Bishops in the Church of England – with the expressed approval of the English Parliament. While the legislative option of the said Church continues to provoke deep division in the Anglican faith, it is also a given certainty that sooner than later, Women Priests in the same Church will be chosen and ordained as Women Bishops. Thereafter, they become eligible as well into the House of Lords.

Question: What about the Catholic Church? How come only men priests are acceptable therein? Why is it that all the Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and Popes included were and are exclusively men? What is wrong with Women Priests, with Women Bishops? Considering that women in general are more kind, more religious and virtuous even than most men, the more reason there is to have Women Priests – and sometime later perhaps - Women Bishops as well. There must be stagnancy in the Catholic Church!

Answer: The Catholic Church has absolutely no right much less any authority to change the following truths as clearly established in the Holy Bible: The Lord Jesus Christ Himself – the Son of the Father – became man. Even His formal choice of the first Apostles were all men. Peter, His first Successor in heading the Church he founded, was a man. In fact, even the Apostles themselves had also men as their eventual Successors. So it is that all the members of the Clergy in the Catholic Church are men – not really because the Church wants it so but rather because the Sacred Scriptures said it so as Christ Himself did it so. And by the way, even the Blessed Virgin Mary was not made an Apostle by her own Son Jesus – not because she was unworthy but because she was a woman.

It is clearly written in the same Sacred Scriptures that the Lord Jesus Christ handed the “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” to none other than Peter who in turn entrusted the same “Keys” to his man Successor. In fact, all Successors of Christ since the Foundation of the Church were all men. And today, more than two thousand years after, all the Successors of Christ are still men. And now, His Successor as Head of the Catholic Church He Founded is none other than the dear and endearing Pope Francis.

Women are great! How could there be any child without a mama? Where would all men and women come from if not from their mothers? But none other than Christ Himself made the choice to have men lead His Church. Churchmen have no authority at all to change the said reality.