Monday, November 10, 2014


The truth of the matter is that so many serious and highly relevant questions deserving of true answers are on deck for some time now since the assumption of office by the present MalacaƱang occupant. And after recently alleging that he would not seek re-election and would neither order the amendment of the Constitution, the question becomes more urgent and the proper answers thereto are wherefore more critical.

So many inquiries and uncertainties. So many unresolved doubts and given possibilities. A good number of people – particularly those who still have something to eat and find someplace to sleep - are searching for solutions, asking for resolutions. But they remain in the dark, they are wallowing in doubts. What is happening to the Country? What is the government doing? What is the future of Filipinos in general?

There is the question of electricity, not only its ever rising cost but also as to its availability and origin. And there is this required “Emergency Power”. What and how much power is needed – and for how long? There is also the issue of fuel that is deregulated in its up-and-down costs at the convenient and profitable option of its producers and distributors – with the consumers on their knees and at the mercy of the said capitalists.

There is the matter of traffic that usually does not move. And so there is also the issue of the MRT that is off and on – that stops when it should go and goes when it should stop. And what about the question of jeeps, taxis and trucks that are the milking cows not only of “kotong” cops but also of thugs, crooks, and what have you. Meantime, it is the riding public that is ultimately the victims of such shenanigans day in and day out.

The is also the uncertain availability plus ever increasing prices of consumer goods not only because of production but also on account of transportation costs, without expressed mention of more and more customs costs – not only for shipping, storage and transport but also on account of more and more custom briberies. So it was that something quite historical happened lately, viz., even the cost of garlic went up – without saying anything about the cost of – white, brown, black – rice.

So many questions and doubts about the VFA, the EDCA, the Bangsamoro Law without mentioning the fearful emergence of crimes 24/7, the amazing customary phenomenon of gross graft and corrupt practices incarnate that gleefully made public funds ready for private pockets. So huge is the debt of Filipinos - courtesy of their government – such that even before his or her birth, a baby is already neck deep in debt.

A truly one good question is this: Come 2016 – whom will people elect as President? Majority of the political bigwigs in high public offices are not known for their sincerity, honesty, competence. Those now already aiming for said offices are highly suspect and wherefore untrustworthy, are the rich and infamous, are members of political dynasties. (This is saying nothing about a COMELEC that does not know how to count!) A good question ha?