Friday, October 17, 2014


Thus stands the cause of the now increasingly known movement “THE LIPA DECLARATION:  AN URGENT CALL FOR NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION, 27 AUGUST A.D. 2014/ 2 DHU AL QA’DA A.H. 1435, i.e., to rectify the numerous anomalies, to correct the many lies and customary hypocrisy, to pave the way for a better Philippines, specially in the socio-political life of the Country.  The task is far from easy.  The objective is hard to accomplish.  But the Filipinos may not simply play blind, deaf and dumb – or they themselves suffer for their indifference.

The Call is made for the accomplishment of three main agenda which are considered the over-all causes of the people’s desperation and misery:

1.  To unequivocally counteract the “unbridled and unpunished corruption” through the “widespread misuse of political and economic power”, the foremost and ultimate victims whereof are the poor and the helpless.

2.  To bar all moves – specially by the national leadership – contrary to “preserving and defending the Constitution” by “corrupting Congress, “intimidating the Judiciary”, manipulating the automated voting system”.

3.  To prevent the enactment of any law which “disrespects the right to life of human beings... in defiance of the Constitution... the moral law, the customs, culture and consciences of Filipinos.”

The Call adopts three basic means to legitimately  and licitly bring about its affirmed main agenda:

a.  To undertake an “open broad public consultation on the need to modify and strengthen the presidential system” or any form of government.

b.  To ascertain the “absolutely indispensable integrity and independence of the Courts” in the Country.

c.  To “call upon the Armed Forces of the Philippines” as the “constitutional protector of the people and the State.”

All the above mentioned agenda and pursuant initiatives shall be brought to completion by the “NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION COUNCIL”.  It’s self-imposed tasks will surely need much sacrifice, much effort, much time – not to mention much danger from those against it.  But then, nothing really worth doing is easy.