Wednesday, October 22, 2014


So it is that in line with the painful reality of detestable Tooth Decay” and the terrible implications of “Truth Decay”, the abominable phenomenon of “Urban Decay” has eventually come to fore – notwithstanding all presidential elocutions and declamations to the contrary such as “Kayo ang boss ko”, “Daan na matuwid”, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” and other similar eventually proven vain and empty rhetorical proclamations in the realm of insensibility, in the sphere of incompetence.

The living reality of “Urban Decay” - of Metro Manila in particular – has been and still is a well-noted and much-experienced fact that has been haunting the people concerned from children to adults, among students to teachers, employees and professionals included. The said negative and lamentable urban situation is verified by a litany of glaring “rotten and rotting” urban social realities known and noted by nationals and foreigners alike – along the perception and feeling of a writer who said that Manila was the “Gates of Hell”. The following are some of the more concrete lamentable realities that bring about gross metropolitan decay:

Pervasive poverty
Homes under bridges
Living in pushcarts, sleeping on sidewalks
Prostitution of adults and young people
Battery of taxes affecting even street foods
24/7 crimes against life and property
Manufacture and proliferation of drugs
Luxurious and street gambling unlimited
Customary smuggling
Suspect PNP officials
Dysfunctional justice system
Prisoners in and out of custody
Garbage all over
Flooding and pollution
Bomb threats
Traffic unlimited
MRT dysfunction and danger
Graft and corrupt practices as a matter of fact
Amoral partisan politics
PDAF and DAP into private pockets
Untrustworthy politicians
Social unrest

Please feel free to add others.