Monday, October 13, 2014


So many things are wrong from the top to the bottom of the Republic of the Philippines – from the disabled holder of power and wealth in Malacañang to the thus miserable and pitiful people living under bridges and at the sidewalks; from the incompetent and wherefore distrusted highest leadership in the Executive Department to the perplexed and disgusted Filipinos who are the infallible victims of such disability and consequent distrust in government. And such a composite miserable phenomenon has no more than enough realities to squarely stand on – some of which are the following:

The persisting influential and maneuvering KKK allies.
The continuous Hacienda Luisita Curse
The imposition of all conceivable taxes from one's natal to the burial date.
The continuously rising prices of consumers' goods, food well-included.
The stagnant salaries, specially of government employees.
The privatization of entities intended for public service.
The ominous payments for the use of purposely public utilities.
The payments made for an Impeachment Process.
The subordination of the Legislature to the Executive Department.
The bullying of the Judicial Department by the Executive Department.
The exemption of the incumbent President from Impeachment.
The ignominious PDAF and DAP graft and corruption incarnate practices.
The eventual non-issue of the ownership of Sabah.
The passage of the EDCA, making the Philippines as an American Base.
The instigation of enemies from within and outside of the Country.
The lack of power instigating the issuance of Emergency powers.
The 100% foreign ownership of banks in the Philippines.
The disservice of MRT, the flooding of streets, the rise of criminality.
The opted second term of the President plus the Constitutional Amendments.

The Lipa Declaration for National Transformation is thus a natural expression of distrust and disgust for the way the Country is fast deteriorating not only on matter of justice and peace, nor simply on the question of non-economic development. The said Declaration is in effect a loud and clear yearning for renewal. After more than four long years, the public offices have become more for private gains, the wealthy are now wealthier, politics infallibly proved to be great business ventures. Competence, honor and integrity are irrelevant in political aspirations and agenda.

Philippines, my Philippines – where art thou going?