Wednesday, October 08, 2014


A proven incompetent national executive leadership, all propaganda to the country notwithstanding, an iniquitous and ubiquitous taxation of the people from birth to death, poor and progressively poorer Filipinos despite all superlative economic propaganda to the contrary, a violence-torn Mindanao notwithstanding all repeatedly and insistently advertised “Basic Law” supposedly for peace and unity therein – without reference to the advent of ISIS in the region, the vain contemplation of a “Second Term” of someone in office plus the suspect proposed “Constitutional Amendment”, not to mention the ardent and urgent quest of “Emergency Powers” - all these can be anything but good news to perplexed and/or disgusted People of the Philippines.

More. An Executive Department basically run by the infamous KKK and ignorant even of the meaning of “Savings”. A Legislative Department that pitifully lost its honor – good name, good standing – primarily on account of the scandalous “Pork Barrel” phenomenon. A dysfunctional judicial system when even the resolution of a truly disgusting case such as the Maguindanao Massacre is waiting till the end of time for possible resolution. A 24/7 criminal ambiance such as in the form of murders, rapes, thievery, not to mention prohibited drug manufacture and sale, hold-ups, extortion and the like. A thus basically distrusted PNP from top to bottom, particularly in terms of unexplained wealth, not to mention misdeeds from patronage to hooliganism.

More. Illegal plus legal gambling frequented by gangsters and money launderers as the crowning glory of the present administration. Filipinos for sale as OFWs – without minding their safety, their honor, their families left behind. Continuously rising costs of consumer goods, electricity included – if at all any. Continuously feared Riders-in-Tandem that not only snatch valuable items from unwary citizens but also snatch lives from unsuspecting individuals.

More. Fear of local nuclear power for electricity but welcomed nuclear powered foreign submarines and airplanes through EDCA. Factual acceptance of the Philippines as an American Base in Asia in order for USA to fight its war far from American soil. Manipulation of the local economy such as by foreign investments in terms of 100% foreign established banks in the Philippines. Add hereto the earnestly proposed amendment to the Philippine Constitution on the matter of the business provisions therein.

Philippines, my Philippines, where art thou going? PPP!