Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Such is the nature of the “THE LIPA DECLARATION: AN URGENT CALL FOR NATIONAL TRANSFORMATION 27 AUGUST A.D. 2014/2 DHU AL QA'DA A.H. 1435” - made by individuals from different professions and occupations, from different Churches in the Philippines, from the Muslim community, from active and retired government officials. It is ominous because there are more and more people who are dismayed, if not in fact disgusted by the present government. No. They are not pessimists in spirit but simply realists in perceptions.

It is also ominous because it echoes the exasperation and downright anger of more and more groups of people. It is ominous too whereas it is well in accord with lesser and lesser approval ratings of the national leadership. That is why although the “Declaration” was made and proclaimed in Lipa, it is slowly but surely making the rounds all over the Country and thus making more people know it and thus also become more hopeful.

The truth is that while composed and made in Lipa just recently, the sentiments it proclaims and the options it affirms have been already existing. For some time now as aroused in a special way by the dirty and sticky “Pork Barrel” revelation – with special mention of “DAP”, of which the august and illustrious creator does not even know the meaning of “savings”! To this date however, only non-Party mates of Malacañang are suffering the consequences – considering that those affiliated with the latter are all saints.

Three signal questions come to mind:

What is “Transformation”? It does not simply mean a change but a real changeover, a transmutation, a transfiguration where what is existing, usual and customary is renewed, re-made, reformed.

When will “Transformation” start? It can only start when precisely the one who is the over-all cause of the national malady and deterioration, is out of the way, divested of power and set aside.

Who leads the “Transformation”? It is not simply one or two individuals – no matter how competent or able they are – but a group of such qualified and trustworthy people acting as a temporary Council until the said “Transformation” is done.

Renewal is mandatory for what is odious and deleterious!