Friday, October 31, 2014


Homosexuality” is no longer an acceptable word on account of its negative connotations if not insulting implications. The truth is that updated behavioral sciences have in effect done away with the term. Much less acceptable are such phrases as “Sexual Anomaly”, “Sexual Disorder”, and the like. The phrases are insulting, to say the least. The phrase “Same Sex Attraction” is neither consoling to hear nor inspiring to talk about. And there is now the well-known “LGBT” or “LGBTS”, the meaning of each initial is neither that considerate nor respectful – although the said group abbreviation appears acceptable to those concerned as of the moment.

Hence the emergence of the above-cited phrase: Gender Identity Difficulty. Among other things: It uses “gender” and wherefore does away with the term “sexual” which to some if not many people sounds rather base or demeaning. It points out the key issue in the phenomenon which is in the realm of “identity” not of the person concerned but about his or her socio-affective constitution. It brings to fore the “difficulty” felt and at times even suffered by the individuals concerned whom a good number of men and women look upon with curiosity, if not with ridicule even. In other words, the phrase Gender Identity Difficulty emphasizes the big probability if not downright certainty that the persons concerned are not exactly happy, much less are they actually celebrating their predicament.

Question: What exactly causes the said Difficulty which in effect seems to afflict more and more individuals in the course of time? Answer: Many are the causes invoked none of which however is altogether satisfactory, much less certain although individual as well as group efforts are being exerted in favor of its attenuation if not complete neutralization.

Some of the usual causes invoked for the emergence of the Difficulty are the following – none of which is that certain: Family Bloodline, Parenting Dysfunction, Parental Deficit, Environmental Background, Contraceptive Blood Leftovers, Food Hormones, Peer Influence, Bullying/Browbeating, Sadistic Experience, and other cause which though indirectly are by and large already included in one or the other aforementioned presumed causes. This simply means that behavioral experts the world over are by and large still in the dark about the many particulars of the Difficulty.

The following observations are in order. One, those with the Difficulty did not really choose to be thus burdened. Two, they are not necessarily happy nor jubilant for having the Difficulty. Three, those already with the Difficulty are at times even ridiculed and looked down upon by other people. Four, more often than not, they have their special talents in different agenda for the good and welfare of society. Five, the truth is that it is those without the difficulty who are the authors of gross actions and misbehavior, mortal vice and flagrant evil in society.