Friday, October 03, 2014


It does not even know what is the meaning of “savings”. It is in effect a corrupt and corrupting invention. It is a gross mismanagement of public funds. It is a partisan political strategy. It is the cause of misery rather than socio-economic development in the Country. It is an Acceleration Program for Depression. It carries the infamous and odious title “DAP”. It is the cause of the loss of honor and integrity on the part of both the Executive and Legislative Departments. It is officially and openly declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. It is the cause of these and those big and small protest rallies. It has become a bad word in the Country.

So it is that now, it is duly known and accordingly published that nothing less than Philippine Pesos 8.8 Billion went to the “projects” of some 138 legislators, mostly political allies of the Chief Executive – courtesy of his own Pork Barrel “DAP” from 2011 to 2013. Just to have a feel of how much public fund thus went to whoever and for whatever purpose, it might help to consider the following marvel of how much really is the said amount: One thousand is 1 plus three zeroes. One million is 1 plus six zeroes. One billion is 1 plus nine zeroes. Wherefore, more than Phil. Pesos 8,000,000,000.00 of people's money were then generously allotted to the above-said number of mostly ally public officials at the free will and command of Malacañang.

For those whose conscience is gross, those whose consequent value system is sick and sickening, and those wherefore who wallow in amorality whereby what they like is good, and what the same dislike is bad. It is great to get and fool around with the hard-earned money of the common people. It is very gratifying to receive and pocket the money of others. And the background of all these shenanigans is the 24/7 all kinds of taxes imposed and collected from every Filipino – from the wealthiest to the poorest of the poor. Blessed are those who have and wield public power supposedly for public service but in fact used and abused for self-service, presumably for public welfare but actually for personal benefit. This is the incarnation of the phrase “Loss of Public Trust”. And this depreciative reality has been documented and brought to the door of Malacañang Palace but readily dismissed by its many favored followers in the Hall of Congress.

Money is the cause of all evil but only when placed in the hands of covetous and avaricious individuals. Politics has become a dirty word because of rapacious and insatiable politicians. Justice is elusive to the poor and miserable people. It is with such an over-all scenario that more and more Filipinos are depressed because they feel oppressed, are angry because they feel used and abused, are more and more aroused to protest, to rebel, to demand change.

DAP – be gone, please!