Wednesday, October 01, 2014


It is not a secret that as time passes by, more and more people are much disillusioned if not quite disgusted by the way the President of the Republic of the Philippines, the Chief Executive in the Country, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, has been badly doing his job, fooling around with public funds, subjugating the Legislature and desirous even of putting the Judiciary under its mandate – not to say anything about his unholy declaration of availability for a second term of Office. This is why more and more phone-in angry statements plus really negative text messages to different radio programs are heard and read respectively.

The truth is unless otherwise strongly manipulated, even supposedly “friendly” surveys come out with less and less approval ratings of the MalacaƱang occupant. This is not to say that he has not done anything good at all. But he has also done and continues to do so many strange, dubious if not downright reprehensible things – all at the expense and misery of more and more Filipinos. Among many other signal negative realities in the Country are the following: The Philippines has the highest cost of energy compared to many other poor countries. The Filipinos pay the highest taxes in Asia at least. The Country is becoming more and more owned by foreign investments particularly in the world of banking.

It is the stupidity of President Aquino and his negotiators, bordering on treason, to agree with the creation of an artificial nation for the 'Moors” on Mindanao.” Daring but sensible!

Thus wrote a well-known and respected columnist in a well-known newspaper sometime last month. At about the same time, there was also a TV program that focused on addressing the subject matter under the title of “Bangasamoro Law-kohan”. This is saying nothing about the supposedly abbreviated version of the said Mindanao Agreement – published in a broadsheet about the same time – which can be considered as well “doctored” in terms of its loud silence about the highly dubious and questionable provisions therein.

In the assumption that the Legislature would not pass the Bill or that the people of Mindanao as a whole would not agree with the Bill or that the Supreme Court would declare the Bill as unconstitutional, any of this possibilities is fatal: there would be disunity in place of unity, war instead of peace, more misery rather than development. There are no less than four well-armed and warring groups in Mindanao. There is the Sabah question. There is the ISIS concern.

It is neither insensitive nor unreasonable to speak of “stupidity”!