Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This is about a some two-inch round shaped pin with the above-cited words very clearly written thereon in white with an all blue background. The pin appears to be well received not only as something funny but also as sending a rather serious message – specially so during these detestable, lamentable and desperate times: Detestable because of the flagrant deceit and treachery practiced as a matter of fact from top to bottom of the government. Lamentable because of the poverty and misery plaguing the big majority of Filipinos. Desperate because more and more citizens from all walks of life are becoming more and more disgusted and hopeless with the present national leadership with its ever faithful and wherefore most beloved allies.

The clear and open call to “Stop Truth Decay” that at first sight may bring amusement and smile among those who see the pin, cannot slowly but surely proclaim what is basically wrong in the Country – courtesy of an incompetent supreme leadership that is admirable in declamations but pitiful in accomplishments, that is an expert in speaking in Cloud 9 but disabled in working on ground reality. Some of the more concrete manifestations that truth is decayed and continues to decay in the Philippines are the following more concrete and evident indicators:

The nonchalant incarnation of numerous and big graft and corrupt practices in the exercise of supposedly public offices supposedly for public welfare.

The sick and sickening quasi-infinite importance and relevance given to political considerations over and above what is just, proper and right.

The fanatic demand, relentless collection of all kinds of taxes from birth to death, from the rich and poor alike, for buying luxury and necessary goods.

The standard economic reality of the rich getting richer and the poor becoming poorer for the gross management of national resources.

The quasi-eternity in the process of even hideous crimes, some of which in fact ultimately land in limbo such as in terms of forgetting them altogether.

The proliferation of crimes without punishment, the big and numerous deals on prohibited drugs, the open practice of adult and children prostitution.

The fear and apprehension generated by the appearance of police authorities instead of the feeling of security felt by people with their presence.

People of the Philippines: Stop truth decay – please!