Wednesday, August 06, 2014


All the previous SONAs were delivered with the proper voice moderations and facial expressions, not to mention  the accompanying modest gestures .  They were read with the expected calm and composure.  As usual, names of official collaborators were proudly mentioned and their respective achievements  were accordingly proclaimed.  And as expected, applauses were periodically and respectfully made especially by pro-administration allies.  So it was for all the past years – until the last one which was out of the ordinary for at least three distinct reasons:

First, there was the all-out intent/effort on the part of the President to categorically mention and specifically point out the quasi-innumerable and extra-marvelous achievements particularly realized by his administration in the year past.  Noticeably, however, the SONA speaker obediently remained deadly silent on the well-known and formally-censured gross mismanagement of public funds by way of the now infamous DAP – a misdeed that gave him some kind of a black eye.

Second, there were the usual periodic applauses made by the audience in the Plenary Hall of Congress.  This time however, they seemed to be relatively few in number and even quite moderate in sound, i.e., made neither out of conviction nor spontaneously so, but rather according to cue – whenever the President made noticeably deliberate pauses.  Such a rather sad situation was expected – considering his constitutional predicament, not to mention the whale of a difference between his blissful pronouncements and ground sad and pitiful realities.

Third, there was the feeling of some self-pity on the part of the President whom more and more number of people from all sectors of society have come to reject.  There was the downright censure he received from the Supreme Court.  There were thus the different Impeachment Complaints lodged against him.  There were the big noise rallies held against him – with all kinds of ugly-looking caricatures made and burned during those  angry occasions in these and those known places.

So did the SONA end with some kind of a presidential trembling voice and teary eyes.  While feeling and probably even convinced that he did what he could for the people in general, a big number of them however felt victimized by his administration such that his approval rating was at its lowest.  It was such an unsteady voice and watery – plus the recall of his father in particular – that brought the house down, so to speak.

But now, there is even a coup rumor here and there against his incumbency!  Who would not be sad?  Who would not be teary?