Friday, August 29, 2014


There are thoughts that are mean but they are fair and square. There are words that are bad yet they are understandable and right. There are individuals who are harsh but this does not mean that the truth is not with them. And this is the case of a well-known Mayor when he was told that the incumbent President might seek re-election – with all the constitutional, political and national implications thereof.

So it happened that a correspondent of a known broadsheet met with the Mayor to seek the latter’s perception on the apparently projected re-election bid of the President. Below is the verbatim copy of the more interesting reaction-response of the Mayor as published in the newspaper concerned on 18 August 2014 – under the heading of Duterte to P-noy,  “Don’t be the savior of this universe.”

"The statement that says that there must be a second term (for Aquino) to save democracy is pure b***s***”.

Note: There is a rather elementary argument in favor of this statement: What someone has not done, could not do in six long years, to seek a second term for another six years would be nonsense. This is especially true when the person concerned is not known for his industry and competence.

This country is run by elections. If the people decide to elect a son of a b****, then that is their choice.”

Note: Democracy rooted in human freedom and social justice is an excellent form of government only when the people concerned are responsible as well as decisive in keeping their human dignity and pursuant human rights. Otherwise, they do not deserve such human attributions.

"Now they also want to amend the constitution and clip the powers of the Supreme Court. Patay tayo diyan.”

Note: A so-called “Constitution” is nonsense when the citizens allow politicians to change it as a whole or in part for the promotion of the latter’s personal interests, particularly to feed their egoism. A Constitution is only as good as the people concerned who had it written, preserve it as well.

There are instances when dismay and disgust are in order – such as when the truth is glaring yet someone would dare deny or undermine it. Even patience has its limits in the realm of reason and ethics – unless those concerned would play blind, deaf and dumb.