Monday, August 25, 2014


It is not a secret that the present Administration is an expert in rhetoric although rather deficient in attending to its mandated executive agenda. It is admirable in staying above ground realities, living in the visionary sphere. It is not only a specialist in positivism as to its own perceived great achievements but also markedly neutral in its large-scale failures in governance. No wonder then that it is repeatedly heard that the now almost five year old Administration has its head buried in the sand with its feet in cloud 9 – an effective way for someone to have hallucinations.

No wonder then that the citizens are taxed from birth to death, from head to foot while they miserably suffer from low salaries vis-a-vis high prices of even basic commodities – if not bitterly grieving for lack of employment. In fact, they even pay for the use of public utilities already paid for by public funds. There is continuous criminality in the streets, daily murders in different parts of the Country. Supposedly prohibited drugs are sold in many street corners. Prostitution has become a way of life for a good number of women – inclusive of exported cybersex with young girls as victims thereof. Gambling has become a way of life – in the same way that graft and corrupt practices are now enshrined in public offices.

And thus comes Rhetoric Unlimited herein mentioned simply by way of factual examples – with no malice intended particularly towards those hereunder mentioned with religious implications:

Ang Dating Daan”. This is the title of a sect founded by a known local preacher. His overall intention appears to be focused in saying that the religions of these times are false because they have deviated from the true faith of the past.

Ang Tamang Daan”. This in turn appears to be the counter-claim of a local church in affirmation of the truth of its own veracity – irrespective of any belief in the past and as a counter-claim to the allegation of the sect bearing the above-cited title.

Ang Matuwid na Daan”. This is the loud, repeated and delightful mantra of the incumbent Chief Executive supposedly in proclamation of the honesty of his governance and the integrity of his chosen allies in the Executive Department – plus those in the Legislature.

NASAAN ANG DAAN? This in turn is not only the inetresting but also intriguing question of a good number of Filipinos during these days. Where are we going? What is going on? Is amending the Constitution, giving our President the option for re-election the Daan?