Friday, August 08, 2014


“The Philippines is a democratic and republican State.  Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”
(Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, Art. 2, Sec. 1)

From the above-cited key provisions of nothing less than the 1987 Philippine Constitution written, approved and affirmed during the maternal incumbency of someone distinctly close to the now incumbent highest public authority all over the land, the following are drawn therefrom as incontestable truths:  One, the people are sovereign – over and above all public officials.  Two,  the people are the origin of government authority – that of the highest public official well included.  Three, the people are wherefore the boss – be this constitutionally truth formally meant, or but symbolically or poetically said.

The said prime constitutional provision has to be very well remembered during these days by all those concerned – from the richest to the poorest people, from those riding the finest car with all possible  security accompaniments to those but walking by themselves for lack of transportation money, from someone living in a luxurious palace to people miserably living under bridges, by the canals.  And such circumstances are realities and not simply symbolic expressions, living truths and not merely dramatic declamations.

Sad perhaps but true:  It is said and heard that there is this and that serious  or symbolic, determined or tentative move  to unseat the President via peaceful means – moves coming from the sovereign people, initiatives made by origin of government authority, options being exercised by the boss.  More and more people appear to be not simply disappointed but really appalled by the Palace resident – for more than one grave cause:  Diarrhea of words but paucity of actions.  Glorious claims yet incompetence in execution.  Profession of integrity but concession to graft and corrupt practices.  Three co-equal branches of government, one attempting to lord it over the other two that has the Power of the Purse and the Power of the Pen.

The “Resign Movement” – with its formal and informal affiliates – presumably being little by little formed in the recent past, already showed its living existence and strong discontent on the occasion of the last SONA.  Gradually, they grew in number.  Quietly they gathered as a group.  Decidedly they acted and clearly they delivered their message in line with the phrase, “Enough is enough”.  Whether they are accompanied by the protectors of the people or not, the following can be said:  They came to fore.  They delivered their message.  They will again and again show themselves during the right occasions.  There is much discontent in their ranks but violence does not appear in their program of action.  They just want someone to resign – please.  And that’s it.