Friday, August 01, 2014


There are people who hate people, specially in the so-called “First World Countries,” whose anti-people stance has slowly but surely invaded a “Third World Country” like the Philippines.  It is the height of selfishness and egoism that there are those counted among the living who insistently adopt all ways, consistently promote all means in order to stop others from coming to life, to prevent them from being counted among the living.  Their reasons are seemingly uplifting and edifying:  To promote socio-economic development.  To ascertain the abundance of food and drink.  To safeguard health, to provide for a high standard of living.  To assure education, to improve professions – plus other beneficial and blessed intentions.

How?  By considering pregnancy a curse.  By forbidding birth.  By looking at life as something taboo.  How?  By providing all ways and means to stop life from becoming a reality.  How?  By the adoption of all possible recourses for one and the same purpose of avoiding life from coming to fore.  How?  By using public funds to lessen the number of the general public.  How?  By submitting to the following apparently novel contraceptive ways or means:

a.  “Teen-age mothers nationwide are being given contraceptive patches…”  This in effect makes even but young people already promiscuous.

b.  “Making available family planning implant to young mothers…”  This is fomenting irresponsibility also among young girls.

c.  “Provide free cervical vaccine…”  This is looking at conception as a big liability and serious sickness.

All the above apparently new and innovative contraceptive measures  are in addition to the already much known, very available and well-used contraceptive pills and condoms, not to mention tubal ligations and vasectomies.  In addition thereto, there are also the good number of different abortive pills, abortifacient concoctions as well as de facto abortions that are well-known to practically everybody in the place where they are done – except the “proper”  authorities as usual.

More:  There are even now available the so-called “Drugs for (treatment) of Premature Ejaculation”!

Conclusion:  Life must be really unwelcome and abhorred.  It should be then  done away with – if not already prevented from coming about.  It is interesting to note that all anti-life advocates, contraception campaigners, contraceptive businessmen – all these are counted among the living while dedicated to preventing others from having life.  This is irony incarnate!