Monday, August 04, 2014


In the event that some people would like to give a rating to the 2014 SONA from 1 to 10, it has to be said and insisted upon that it is a settled and categorical 10.  In fact, in the event that there is something higher than such as the highest rating, this is well in order.  If there is one over-all question why such a superlative grade, the answer is rather simple and clear: The address clearly and loudly advertised all the supposedly wonderful deeds and practically miraculous achievements even, done under the present marvellous and enviable administration, in the past year in particular.  Nothing good was left undone.  Anything corrupt and corrupting could be considered as things of the past.  In other words, it is not simply “Fun in the Philippines:.  It is in fact truly, “Heavenly in the Philippines”.

In other words, the SONA was so positivistic in its content and spirit that listening to it made one feel the bliss of heaven, making the same as being in Cloud 9.  Everything was markedly superior in planning and consequent execution.  Everything brought every Filipino to his full satisfaction and self-fulfilment.  The Country continued to achieve its progressive socio-economic development 24/7.  There was nothing left undone for the good of the Nation.  There was nothing not attended to for the social welfare of every Filipino.  There was nothing forgotten to make people enjoy the blessing of justice and reign of peace.

But something has to be brought to fore even if simply for record purposes.  Something really “great”, “admirable”, and  “progressive” was not mentioned at all in the SONA.  Something truly “distinct”, “enviable”, and highly “developmental” was not therein pointed out at all – either directly or indirectly.  Was such silence on account of humility or downright shame?  Was such a big void in the SONA intended to moderate the pride of the present administration or to cover up the national debasement, the administrative grace and scandal it slowly but surely brought to the Country?  What is this spectacular and monumental achievement brought about the MalacaƱang brigade but remained unsaid?

Answer:  Gambling!  There are impressive gambling enterprises all over the Country.  There is not only the so-called direct but also on-line gambling establishments.  Most of all, there is even the fast up-coming quasi-Las Vegas gambling haven – with even a specially-built overpass to bring foreign gamblers thereto conveniently and fast.  And so it is that professional gamblers, gambling financiers, gambling addicts – not to mention local and foreign money launderers – are in town.  What a great achievement!  What a positive development!  Mabuhay!