Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Unless someone is dumb or numb, he feels what is right or wrong, he senses too what is good or evil, he knows as well what is just or unjust.  To be fair or equitable, to live in integrity and honesty, to promote rectitude and lawfulness towards all irrespective of race and creed – specially without consideration of power, wealth and political affiliation – this is justice.  And justice is the anchor of peace, the premise of social development.

In this otherwise lovable and endearing Country, more than anything else, it is the tenure of power, the wielding of wealth, and specially membership in a ruling political party that play a really influential and significant role in the promotion of injustice – specially so in the administration of selective justice that disturbs the peaceful living of the citizens, that angers them and even makes them restless.

It is a matter of fundamental knowledge – with its pursuant internal disturbing experience – that when the application of justice is manifestly selective for reasons contrary to common sense and basic logic, the following takes place as a matter of fact:  People in general begin to murmur and express disappointment.  Knowledgeable individuals start expressing their doubt and discontent in the administration of justice.  Concerned citizens become active and demonstrate their protest action here and there, openly and loudly.

And specifically about the PDAP scammers, people have questions and more questions all about the supposedly administration of justice on those who made public funds their private resources: Why is it that the three non-allies of the administration were quickly investigated, quickly accused, and brought to jail quickly as well?  Why is it that it is taking so long and tedious for MalacaƱang allies to even be seriously investigated and accordingly charged when the evidence so warrants?  And why is it that no KKK members at all have been formally named, much less duly accused for such  a far-reaching and scandalous phenomenon of piggish plunder?  And some more questions in the meantime that the old turtle is walking faster than the administration of justice:  Where is the barrel?  Where is the pork?  Where is the fat?  Oh where, oh where are they?

At this juncture, it might be good to keep telling and remembering a proven and solid truth:  When the most powerful and wealthy as well as the most helpless and miserable individuals die, place a coin in their hands when they are buried.  After sometime, dig them out and the said individuals are gone.  But the coin remains in the coffin.  Translation:  There is nothing anybody can bring with them when a cold cadaver he ultimately becomes.