Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Lately, the more known and well-read print media came out with the news item that there is this couple – both of whom are rather popular and are highly-recognized individuals who seem decided to “Tie the knot”.  They are neither an ordinary couple, much less are they counted among the common tao.  It can be readily assumed that both of them are persons with very much more than ordinary means these days and those yet to come.  Simply said, each of them have sizable actual as well as potential possessions in cash and in kind.  But here it does not stop.

The man and the woman openly profess their love and affection for one another.  In fact, they are two individuals thus seriously thinking and opting to be one  for life.  A couple wanting to be onefor better or for worse, in sickness and in health”.  A pair foreseeing themselves progressively one as they become spouses, husband and wife, father and mother “until death” do them “part”.  All such personal unity and harmony equal marriage whereby two become one for life – one in joy and in sorrow, one in abundance and want.

But there comes the dissonant and disturbing talk of the so-called “Pre-nuptial Agreement” between the man and the woman  apparently planning to get married.  And precisely before the marriage-in-fact, their properties are being separated – not cumulated.  Their resources are being separated – not joined.  Their incomes are then possibly also separated – not together counted.  There must be a reason for such a separatist option.  There should be a cause or causes for the said separation even before the couple’s union.  But this does not give a good impression, a comforting message – not unless:

Either the man and/or the woman want to keep what is his and/or hers, even after marrying one another.  Either the man and/or the woman are already preparing for their eventual separation even before their actual union.  Either one and/or both of the parties concerned are anything but certain that their marriage would last for life – and are thus prepared to separate at anytime for any cause  without the hassle of dividing their conjugal properties, without the inconvenience of any court litigation.

It is not a secret that the practice of the so-called “Pre-nuptial Agreement” is a rather common observance – a standing rule – specially in the so-called First World Countries.  Such a separatist practice is more commonly observed specially where there is the so-called  “No cause divorce”  viz., married couples divorcing for no reason at all except to want to.  With such a value system and consequent behavioral pattern, the rightful question comes to mind: “Why get married at all?”  - for heaven’s sake!