Monday, July 21, 2014


Due to the typhoon “Glenda”, a good number of miserable as well as detestable realities took place in the same way that a good number of difficult questions are being raised – plus this and that superstitions  are being entertained.  These unfounded fears, if downright irrational perceptions,  come and go on the occasion of extraordinary events – specially those that cost not simply big material losses but also the loss of limbs and lives.  At the bottom of all such unexplainable phenomena, is the implied truth  that there are so many things in life that surpass limited human understanding or evade clearly rational explanation of the events concerned.

Questions thus come to fore:  Is “Glenda” not but a much smaller version of “Yolanda”?  But why so much loss, so much damages?  What will come next, when, and how? Why do such destructive natural calamities happen and what do they really mean?  Are such destructive events --  that are rather fierce and frequent -- signs and warnings that the People of the Philippines are in fact more and more treading the wrong path?    Do such devastating calamities send the sad yet true message that their leaders in particular, are becoming more and more experts in vicious self-service at the expense of more and more poor   and miserable Filipinos?  Are said events productive of misery, sickness and death simply meant to be loud wake-up calls to the people to take care of themselves and not depend on powerful individuals as well as cruel dynasties running their government?  These are but some questions now being asked here and there.  The right and simple or even complex answers thereto can be coming -- and soon.

By the way, call it but an accident, see it as a simple coincidence, or even consider it as nothing at all, it is both an interesting as well as a fascinating fact that “Glenda” did nothing less than uproot and bring down a more than a century old huge and sprawling acacia tree very long since firmly planted and flourishing in the Palace ground itself.  It was a witness to the Martial Law regime which left it behind fascinating and flourishing.  The subsequent governments of one kind or another, likewise beheld it and were gone again, leaving the marvellous tree proudly standing and still growing.  The present government found it there well flourishing and pleasantly refreshing the palace surroundings.  But lo and behold, it is now a sad and fallen dead wood merely after but some four years of reign by the incumbent administration?  Any message?  Any signal?  Any warning?

Who knows?  Just thinking.  Just asking!