Monday, July 28, 2014


“The President… may be removed from office, on impeachment for and conviction of culpable violation of the Constitution… or betrayal of public trust.”

The above cited constitutional provision is now more known and relevant through the many fumbles  made by the now sadly spoiled and detested supposedly highest and noblest Office in the land in the person of the incumbent President of this Republic.  As of this writing, he not only heads the Executive Department with the “Power of the Sword”, but also dominates the Legislative Department supposedly with the “Power of the Purse” – and openly wants to lord it over the Judicial Department with the “Power of the Pen”.  All these  are national obtaining actualities in the spirit of royalty, if not with the inclination towards dictatorship such that the sacrosanct democratic principle of three co-equal branches of government is becoming more and more but empty words if not simply a big myth.

Thus stands as above cited, the double anchorage of the Impeachment Complaint recently filed before the Philippine Congress by different groups of concerned citizens assisted by the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers:  “Culpable Violation of the Constitution”  and Betrayal of Public Trust”.

Culpable violation of the Constitution?  No less than the Supreme Court itself said so – explicitly, officially and unanimously even.  It could not be clearer, more certain and emphatic.  Truth to say, they need to still prove the said impeachable offense is superfluous.  To appeal the unanimous decision of no less than the Supreme Court is an exercise in futility.

Betrayal of Public Trust? To fool around with public funds, to subject them to but partisan interests, to consider them as simply a presidential pork barrel, to prosecute or even persecute individuals who are neither political party mates nor personal nor personal KKK allies – these detestable phenomena are evident and wherefore practically remain proven.

But here comes the catch:  Impeachment Cases are but political exercises, partisan agenda and/or simply personal concerns.  So is it that with not only the majority of the members of Congress but also those of the Senate under the beneficial wings of the President, Impeachment Cases filed against the latter are but exercises in futility.  Said Cases are but symbolic, not realistic – these times in particular.
In other words, such a phenomenon on the lot of Impeachment Cases filed against the President during these times has its commonly-known descriptive expression in the National Language: “Suntok sa buwan.”