Friday, July 18, 2014


“The State shall promote a just and dynamic social order that will ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the people from poverty through policies that shall provide adequate social services, promote full employment, a rising standard of living, and an improved quality of life for all.” (Art. II, Section 9)

A just and dynamic social order?
Prosperity and independence?
A people free from poverty?
Adequate social services?
Full employment?
Improved quality of life for all?

Or is it:
An unjust and apathetic social order?
Poverty and dependence?
A people bound by poverty?
Inadequate social services?
Lack of employment?
Deteriorated quality of life for all?

It is an acclaimed reality that the 1978 Philippine Constitution was written at the instance of an illustrious mother.  But sad to say, it is now becoming a more and more acknowledged fact that the son is progressively making the same Basic Law of the Land nothing more than an empty dream – except when he and his allies do the thinking, the talking, and the acting.

In all probability, the above-said lamentable phenomenon will again come to fore during the forthcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA) when the general Philippine scenario will be again proudly proclaimed as admirable and commendable as it can be.  So is it that in all probability as well, there will be many calculated and expected loud applauses from the faithful followers of the SONA orator.

It is not a secret that as the people are more and more deprived of what is their due by an administration that has become a collective expert in fooling about with public funds – recently topped by the PDAF and DAP scams – there are understandably also more and more people who do not simply look down but also detest the present Malacañang leadership.  Among other things, such is the basic rationale of the on-going move for the abolition of the Pork Barrel – plus Impeachment Complaints although these will not prosper for obvious reasons.

Philippines, my Philippines – when would be as you should?