Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It is great for an individual to be independent such that he is self-reliant and wherefore self-ruled and self-responsible as well.  He is on his own and by himself.  He seeks and promotes his own good in the same way that he cares for and advances his own legitimate interests.  In the same vein, it is not only a rightful pride but also endearing for a country to be independent such that it does not subordinate its own common good and general welfare to any other nation.  It is then free to map its own future for the well-being of its citizens – just as it is also equally free to care for its own well-being in favor of its people here and now and those yet to come.  It was in 12 June 1898 that the Philippines finally obtained its independence.

While it is altogether useless to ask if the Philippines is really independent –specially with the coming and ruling of the present administration -  it might help to cite but few revealing examples to prove and validate that the Philippines is instead a very dependent Country.  No.  It is not really about the poor and miserable Filipinos  who go abroad by the thousands even to dangerous nations, leaving their families behind, to find menial jobs or dangerous tasks to enable them to send some money back home.  No.  It is not even about young girls and women who sell their bodies  to somehow earn a living for themselves and/or for their families.  And No.  It is neither about the brisk business of illegal drugs, the omnipresence of hardened criminals plus the standard big graft and huge corrupt practices  of public officials from the local, to regional up to the national level.

Yes, it is about the practically unending not only destructive but also murderous incursions of the NPA with its CPP backer.  Yes, it is about China that nonchalantly invades Philippine territorial waters for self-serving purposes.  Yes, it is about the EDCA that came as a surprise not only to the civilians but also to the AFP.  Yes, it is about the standard recourse known as “Call a friend”  which is an option when a child or an adult fooling around with a “Playstation” feels he is at a losing end, and thus calls a friend for help.  This recourse was aptly demonstrated with the recent, much needed and much welcomed coming of Uncle Sam to the Philippines.

No wonder then that this 12 June 2014, the supposedly jubilant and precious anniversary of Philippine Independence shall be celebrated instead by angry rallies here and there.  People from all walks of life are then scheduled to hold demonstrations to air their bitter complaints,  to disown corrupt   and callous public officials, to seek justice for the downtrodden and pitiful Juan dela Cruz – and specially to get of the detestable and infamous pork loving government figures from the ground up to those enjoying the highest palatial ranking in the country.

Philippine Independence Day: “Mabuhay?”