Wednesday, June 04, 2014


A number of “Whistle Blowers” have surfaced, have been confronted by the pertinent Senate Committee and thus named names plus who did what and how much public funds have been repeatedly stolen by whom  during a number of years.   A “List” of Pork Lovers” have been made, presented and published, one after another, with none thereof forwarding the same names with the same particulars.  So it is that months have passed since the PDAF fiasco came to the attention of the general public.  And as usual, the distinct phenomenon on how many public servants effectively and continuously provide public disservice to the people, continues.

There are nevertheless certain signals realities that should be noted and well-remembered – just for the record:  One, the search for and administration of justice in the Philippines is made dependent on a clock that does not move, on a calendar that neither has a beginning nor an end.  Two, partisan politics equals partisan perspectives  plus political convenience, over and above objective reality and truth.  Three, so it is that the hunt for infamous and detestable porky public officials will simply go on and on and …

Considering that practically all the named illustrious and powerful pork-loving officials come from the honorable Senate, from the trustworthy Congress and the illustrious Executive Department, it might be a marvelous idea and an excellent plan if these distinguished branches of government meantime – having all the authority and competence, the time and the possibilities to do so – the Legislative Department enacts the laws desired and the Executive Department faithfully executes the laws thus fast and duly formulated to the effect:

THAT any member thereof eventually accused of PDAF wrongdoing, be given the option to be placed under hospital or house arrest, with the right  to travel locally and abroad for needed treatment and/or for a relaxing vacation.

THAT the same individuals be faithfully and continuously given their respective separation pay, their Christmas bonus plus standard 13th month pay, including their PhilHealth benefits, for their whole life.

THAT the persons thus concerned should be able to keep and use their privileged Car Numbers, be regularly and faithfully given their monthly CCT, be extended the benefits of senior citizens – as well as other privileges and benefits the law may subsequently provide.

Such are very small and insignificant favors that such honorable and distinguished public officials accused and proven guilty of PDAF shenanigans rightfully deserves their whole life through.  Amen.