Monday, June 30, 2014


In definitely more than one sphere of human living, as man acquires more knowledge and as he advances more in technology, the more unethical practices he invents and indulges in to the detriment of his dignity and integrity.  If this were altogether true, then time would come when what he wants is what is right, what he dislikes is what is wrong. This could be the beginning of but a purely personal value system when what is just or unjust, what is proper or improper, simply depends on what anyone wants or decides upon.  What happens next is no one’s business and anybody’s guess.

So it is that concretely in the matter of marriage – which in fact has already become not only foolish but even taboo in many parts of the globe – this conjugal covenant that begins with spousal commitment and usually turns into parental community, has already long since been subjected to different versions or various expressions.  The intrinsic nature, essential obligations and inherent objectives of marriage have long been already altered, modified if not altogether denied practically the world over by the introduction, acceptance and practice of “Divorce” which has in effect even advanced the so-called “No Fault Divorce”.  Translation:  If marriage is done at will, it is also undone by will as well.

This is saying nothing about the so-called “Renewable Marriage Contract” which is premised on a specific time frame a couple will and decide to live as spouses.  With the lapse of the contract time, either the man or the woman – if not both of them – has the option to renew or to end their marriage altogether subject to their individual will.

This is neither making mention of the relatively new reality of “Same Sex Marriage”  when a man marries another man, and a woman marries another woman.  And so far nothing is still said or done about someone who is a bisexual whereby the latter marries a man and a woman at the same time.  Marriage then becomes a triad – instead of a mere couple.

This is also saying nothing about the “Group Marriage”  of usually three couples.  They live in the same house with the same kitchen and the same lavatory but with three rooms for three partners everyone of whom is free to change his/her partner for the day and/or night. 
Every couple is also free to leave the grouping behind anytime for any cause.

And there is the rather interesting so-called “Open Marriage” .  This is about the opted union of a man and woman, both of whom however remain altogether free to relate with other women and men respectively as they so wish.  In other words, the union is “free”, viz., freely a couple gets married and each of them remains free to have other men or women lovers.