Monday, June 16, 2014


It is not a secret that being head of a family is not for the weak in will, much less for the feeble in mind.  If much is required to get married – such as in terms of knowing and attending to the many serious obligations inherent to the Matrimonial Covenant per se – very much more is demanded in fulfilling the day-in and day-out imperatives of family life which is the standard sequel to the said Covenant.  So it is that there is the wife and mother as well, to love and be faithful to, support and give attention to.  And there are furthermore the children to care and provide for, to teach and guide, to mold in their character and value system.

A family head consciously or otherwise, slowly enhances his sense of responsibility and gradually improves his leadership capacity.  In other words, for a man to get married and to raise a family is not only making him a responsible adult but also helping him in his maturation process such as in his sense of personal prudence and realization of his vision for  his family – such as the education and future of his children plus their well-being as adults in the years yet to come when gone he already is.

There is a whale of difference between a man who makes the deliberate option to remain single for one prudential reason or another and a man who simply does not want to get married for dubious – enigmatic – reasons.  Such is the reality of someone who refuses to get married although he has the possibility plus all the resources for matrimonial purposes.  Such is the phenomenon of somebody who continues avoiding marriage  even after having one amorous relationship after another.  And such is the case of an individual who in fact avoids marriage while repeatedly dangling himself as a bachelor on different public occasions.

Among other things, having a family is a proper and opportune preparation even for eventually governing a whole nation – considering that heading a family demands dedicated and responsible leadership, not to mention constancy and ingenuity in leading a people.  No.  This is not meant to say that someone with many families is the best-prepared man to head a country.  Such a reality is in fact a marked syndrome of irresponsibility plus amorality that already disqualify that man concerned even but in heading a family.

 Without the least intention of belittling much less insulting anyone anywhere, the on-the-ground truth of the matter is that someone who avoids marriage for one enigmatic, dubious reason or another, the same would find it really perplexing if not futile to assume a   leadership position – specially so in the national level.