Monday, June 09, 2014


It is neither profound nor enigmatic, much less novel nor mystical.  As the word “democracy” is well-known and often invoked, the term  “democrazy” is neither that rare to hear nor really difficult to understand.  Here then is the long and short of these terminologies with the realities they mean and imply, based on noble ideals as well as premised on ground realities existing in the Country specially on the onset of the present regime.

Democracy as even but elementary school students are repeatedly taught and reminded means the government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Sovereignty resides in the people who are thus served by their government officials by providing them with their public welfare, by assuring their common good.  History is the witness of how people live or die for democracy, how they struggle and fight for freedom.

Democrazy in substance means the government of public officials and for public officials.  The people – never mind.  Make them pay for the luxurious living  - the self-indulgence, the insatiable greed and many vices of public officials.  Divest the people of their hard-earned money by all conceivable kinds of taxes from their birth to their death.  And let them take care of their own selves.  Their public officials have other priorities.

Poverty and democracy do not go hand-in-hand.  Misery and democracy are antithetical.  Otherwise, the following absurd phenomena would become ignominious  conclusions.  Never mind if people are poor and  miserable, provided they are “free”.  It is alright when people have no houses to live in, no work to buy food and clothing for their families on condition only that they are “free”.  It is okay if they eventually get sick and die.  They are “free”!

By the way, another symptomatic feature of democrazy is the intriguing as well as disgusting so-called “Survey”  supposedly repeatedly done by alleged infallible experts with the well-predictable and much-repeated conclusion: The Philippines is enjoying a fast and amazing socio-economic development.  The President of the Philippines  is repeatedly receiving high approval ratings.  The People of the Philippines should jump for joy.

It is certainly not without disgust and sarcasm when people say they cannot but admit that freedom reigns in the Country.  People are freely robbed, maimed and killed even.  They are freely taken advantage of by greedy local and foreign capitalists.  They are freely exported and exploited  as goods for national gain or profit.  They are freely  fooled by their government such as by raising pigs, engulfing pork, being porkish in mind and spirit.