Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Either very amazed at or rather  very incredulous of the continuously excellent approval ratings of the Malacañang occupant said to be obtained by repeated surveys of this and that corporation established for the purpose, it was said that some members of the local media approached the known Head of the Committee on Public Affairs of a quite respected entity and was asked to give the performance rating of the Malacañang resident – from 1 to 10.  It was thereafter reported that he readily said “3”!

To say that such a truly low rating is quite interesting if not actually disquieting, is rather evident.  Reason:  There are this and that supposedly expert local Survey Corporations  repeatedly stating that the acclaimed rating of the said Malacañang tenant consistently ranged from “7” to “9”.  The immediate questions that come to mind is why there is such a discrepancy.  Is it because the said survey entities are in “Cloud 9” while the cited “Head’ has his feet “on the ground”?  Is it because the former base their surveys on people in such a place as Bonifacio Global City while the latter has been long residing in Tondo?  Or is it because the said Corporation is funded by parties with their given interests while the said Head simply has his ears that listen and eyes that see the poverty and misery of people he continuously relates with while doing the rounds in different places of the Country?

Whatever be the cause of the radically opposing ratings, it would be not only ridiculous but also futile to claim that the following lamentable and even detestable social phenomena are but pure imaginations and/or downright lies.  By way of examples:
a.    Direct and indirect taxations of the rich and the poor from birth to death.
b.    Graft and corrupt practices unlimited by public officials.
c.    Downright squatters under the bridges and by the canals.
d.    Day-in and day-out murders all over the land, suicides included.
e.    Big and small illegal drug businesses by locals and foreigners.
f.     Thievery of different kinds and in different ways, day and night.
g.    Smuggling as a matter of course through different ports and means.
h.    Families being left behind by OFWs to earn a living.
i.      Women and children prostitution through various ways and means.
j.     Anger rallies for different reasons by various groups.

This is not to mention gambling of all kinds and in many places that cater to local and foreign gangsters.  This is neither saying anything about exposing the Country to war from within and without.  Nor is this saying anything about the dysfunction of the Executive Department with its so many offices, agencies, etc., etc.  conclusion:  the rating of “3” appears to be right and just.