Friday, June 06, 2014


Thus reads a House Bill filed by an honorable and illustrious member of the present Congress.  Among other presumptions and assumptions in the said Bill, that not only insult Natural Law but also trample upon Moral Norm, are the following:  One, it is but right and proper for a man and another man, for a  woman and another woman to have carnal relations with one another.  Two, it is even according to reason and civil law for a man and another man, for a woman and another woman  in fact to cohabit with one another.  Three, the said cohabitation-in-fact is then to be ruled by the proposed legislation about the division and assignment of conjugal property – for whatever cause.

When two individuals of the same sex become a couple, this is in perfect accord with the Population Control Law that the same famous and venerable congressman authored with the firm support and generous blessing of his Malacañang Master.  The same brilliant and wise lawmaker however does not yet formally and openly author the “Same Sex Marriage” – probably because of the reluctance of his said Master as of now.  Needless to say, however, the content and spirit of HB03179 are officially and clearly in line with the nature and consequence of the said “Same Sex Marriage”.  This is like saying something without saying anything.

So it is that the same extra intelligent and sagacious member of Congress seems to think and conclude  that he is above reason, beyond the reach of Natural Law and exempted from the pertinent norm of ethics.  It is good for him to remember and admit that he came forth from the marital union of his father and mother – certainly not from the carnal relationship of two men or two women.  Furthermore, it is good as well that his father and mother did not make a practice of contraception or abortion.  Otherwise, he would not even be around to promote population control, to sell the idea of same sex cohabitation – if not downright “Same Sex Marriage”.

Individuals with the same sex attraction, be this man to man, or woman to woman, are all human persons, with human dignity, and rights pursuant to their intrinsic human nature.  And it is according to human nature that someone is a boy or a girl, a man or a woman in mind, body and will.  And no Civil Law – not even any Constitutional provision – could alter Natural Law.  Hence, same sex cohabitation and so too with “Same Sex Marriage” are all futile attempts in revising the Law of Nature.  Governments can try.  Government officials can attempt.  But alter Natural Law – this is beyond their authority and competence.