Friday, June 13, 2014


When will it happen - if ever?  How will it happen – if at all?  Who will make it happen – if anyone? Able and trustworthy candidates.  Honest and peaceful elections.  Discerning and dependable candidates.  A presidential candidate who is sound-minded and capable of genuine leadership.  Senators who are pro-people than pro-political party and personal interests?  Congressmen who earn their keep and keep their names clean?  Local public officials who are pro-others rather than being pro-selves and pro-families?

And thus eventually comes to fore the painful and disturbing question: Will democracy ever really work in the Philippines – considering its rather long translation of freedom in betraying, fooling and stealing from people who wherefore become more and more destitute and angry, more and more disenchanted and at times, hopeless even?  Such lamentable social realities are ultimately rooted – sad to say – on the given and standing  fact that in the last analysis , democracy in the Philippines is definitely not the sovereignty of the people but the dictatorial forces of the government over the citizens.

Not really without embarrassment and hesitation although with sincerity and candor, it is considered as a matter of course that the following are the more well-known negative and shameful realities that infallibly accompany Philippine elections:  First is some kind of the over-all composite trio of “Guns, Goons, Gold” that is considered as the most influential accompanying twin of every election.  Second is the exceptional kindness and concern of election candidates towards the people in general, to the poor and destitute electorate in particular.  Third is the dynastic or cinematic popularity of the candidates, neither  their capacity nor their aptitude for effective and acceptable governance.  Fourth is the celebrated funding capacity and consequent influence of the Political Party whereto the candidates  belong.  Fifth is the influence and hold of the candidates on the COMELEC that has become harder and harder to trust even in such elementary agenda of counting votes – not to mention its other lamentable features.

It is wherefore no surprise at all that the big, shameful and utterly disgusting spectacular phenomenon of the PDAF SCAM – not to mention the ignominy brought about by the more surreptitious DAP – has now become nothing more than a political circus.  So much public funds were stolen but there are no thieves at all.  So many names are mentioned but they all claim sainthood.  But the saintliest of all are those identified in the Executive Department.  2016 is coming.  And it is a moral certitude that the elections will come and go – and maybe, just maybe – the resolution of thievery cases would happen a little before the end of the world!