Friday, May 16, 2014


The Martial Law Regime was condemned. People Power came to fore. A republican government took over. What happens to the Filipino people thereafter was not exactly great, much less heavenly. And eventually thereafter came the present leadership, which is neither appreciated nor gratifying. To name but a few questionable plus detestable phenomena that came about under the baton of the present occupant of the Palace, the following are worth nothing - even but for remembrance when the incumbent Chief-in-Command is eventually gone for good.

There is the first enigmatic PPP, which after all is said and done, simply mean privatising public utilities for private gains.

There is the comfortable SABAH giveaway that the “Big Boss” did not want to talk with its incumbent Sultan until he died.

There is the BM with the complementary BBL, both of which in question as to their compliance with the Philippine Constitution.

There is the PDAF SCAM involving a “Queen” and presuming that there is a “King”, with their many offspring in the Legislative and Executive Departments.

There is the EDCA, which is magical in the sense that one moment there is none, the next moment there it is.

There is the gradually higher price of ELECTRICITY basically on account of being a downright business in private hands for private welfares.

There is the shortage of WATER for drinking and irrigation, when these and those parts of the country are going underwater connect.

There is the IMPORTATION of rice by the country, which was once a rice exporter.

There is the HIGH COST of living vis-a-vis the LOST COST of labor, not to mention the omnipresent direct and indirect tax collection.

There is the pairing incarnate of GRAFT and CORRUPTION from the local to the national levels of government.

There is the DEREGULATED gas cost vis-a-vis the well-regulated transportation cost plus the traffic jams during the day.

There are the troublesome PEOPLE that made the government ascertain population control by all means, at all time, and in all places.

What’s next?