Monday, May 05, 2014


When it was triumphantly proclaimed by the Malacañang occupant and loudly acclaimed by his faithful followers, the “PPP” sounded not only interesting but also cryptic to the general public. As the days went by however, it was affirmed that the mysterious thing would be for the common good of the people, the development of the nation, etc. etc. Just imagine the wonder, admiration, and expectation of the citizenry as they contemplate and looked forward to the immeasurable benefits that such an impressive “Partnership” would bring, viz., the government itself and the private sector joining hands – talents, potentials resources – for public welfare!

But a good number of people seems unaware that the “PPP” is in fact nothing novel. The production and sale of electricity have been long since made a “PPP.” The gathering, distribution, and pricing of water have been also long since a “PPP.” The building of highways, skyways with their respective infallibly constructed toll gates have been long since “PPP” ventures. In fact, useless the people would not move, complain and/or even hold serious rallies, there is already a standing option and design to make even public charitable hospitals as “PPP” entities. Meantime, would that this administration not make the manufacture of coffins plus the running of public cemeteries as “PPP” ventures as well.

Straight question: What is “PPP” really? Straight answer: “PPP” is the government making money from the building of public utilities with funds coming from private business corporations – such that as the government (“Public”) and the corporations (“Private”) are deliriously happy by pocketing the money of the people. So it is that the honest to goodness victims of “PPP” are the citizens – with the government and business entities as their delirious beneficiaries.

Now, the truth of the matter is that the PDAF itself can be considered as a great “PPP” venture – even but considering the following ground realities: Question: Where does the money of PDAF come from? Answer: From the private sector through the imposition and collection of taxes of all kinds at all times. Question: Where does the PDAF money go? Answer: To public government officials from the local to the national levels. Question: where is the public-private partnership in the PDAF. Answer: The public officials get what is taken away from private citizens.

PPP: You are both a joke and a curse!