Friday, May 23, 2014


It all began when someone wanted by law for big and multiple criminal acts made the considered option to surrender to no one else than the Big Boss himself in the country. So the said someone was dutifully fetched and brought to the grand palace. Once already there, the same someone was gracefully welcomed and attended to by no one else than the said Big Boss. After some exchanges of interests and concerns, the said someone immediately became somebody. This then much-blessed individual was dutifully secured and carefully brought to the known police camp by being personally accompanied by no less than the Big Boss himself. Lo and behold, he left the safety of the palace to do a security chore in favor of the said then illustrious victor.

Who was then now very famous visitor of the Big Boss? Who was the mysterious guest in the Palace? Why was such a warm welcome given thereto? Why was it that no less than the Big Boss himself have the security to the same after such a singular visit? Could anyone please say how many surprise visitors were received in the Palace, therein entertained and thereafter accompanied by the Big Boss himself as security in bringing the same to any place at all? Why such a distinct visit, such a special reception and exceptional accompaniment? So strange yet to true!

Well, the above deep mystery is a mystery no more. The what and why thereof are now crystal clear: It was nothing less than the ultimate incarnation of graft and corrupt practices precisely during this time and reign of the supposedly “Matuwid na daan,” the official and public, formal and repeated, hurray of the Big Boss. One can then have and enjoy a big laugh even by simply asking what road did the Porky Queen, Porky King, plus their Porky Heirs passed by. And all the noted singular phenomena have direct relevance to the porky twin of PDAF and DAP.

So it is that well identified political enemies have been immediately named, accused, and waiting for their incarceration and trial. So it is that not one but two – or even more – different infamous lists of supposed PDAF beneficiaries have surfaced, one contradicting the other, one way or another. So it is that the general public is now confused as to who is what, what is which. So it is that the political allies of the Big Boss are now being protected by such confusion being generated on purpose. Why? So that after 2016, the Big Boss though no more a boss then will still remain protected from many civil and criminal cases that will surely be filed against him when he is in the palace no more – courtesy of his political allies then still in power. Cute!

Such is how “Partisan Politics Incarnate” is now working in the Philippine scene -- with the people in general as its big victims as usual!