Wednesday, May 21, 2014

National Family and Marriage Week

Malacañang Palace
Proclamation No. 749
4 April 2014
National Family and Marriage Week
12 – 18 May 2014

Too great to be true! Too strange to be credible! Not anything that glitters is gold. Something is wrong here. Nothing less than Malacañang itself cited not only Section 12, Article II on the sanctity of family life but also Section 2, Article XV on the violability of the family (1987 Philippine Constitution), and thereafter declared the “National Family and Marriage Week.” Some questions come to mind.

Why was the Presidential Proclamation altogether silent about the protection of the right of the unborn from conception as provided by the same Section 12, Article II?

Why did Malacañang openly endorse and pay much from public funds for the eventual passage of the Population Control Law alias “Reproductive Health Law”?

Why did the Palace allow the 7th Conference of APCRSHR to be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines itself on 21-24 January 2014, participated by no less than five contra population ultra-national organizations?

Why is the Executive Department distinctly silent about the Divorce Bill filed in Congress, with no less than some of its alias fervently supporting and promoting its passage?

Why is Malacañang playing deaf and dumb about the multiplication of the grounds for marriage annulment likewise supported and promoted by some of its followers in the Legislative Department?

Why is the Office of the President indifferent and comfortable about the “Same Sex Marriage” Bill – under different words and forms – contrary to the nature of marriage but supported as well by some of his party fellows?

There is something cooking – as the saying goes – with the above said Proclamation. No. This is categorically not paranoia of one kind or another. It is but a quest for elementary logic on the part of the real Boss in the Palace, together with his very close executive advisers.

National Family and Marriage Week,” really?