Friday, May 02, 2014

“Forever and Ever”

Above mentioned are three words that are rather familiar especially among Christians all over the globe. Most of them – if not actually all of them – must have said the words, one time or another. Needless to say, the three short words when said together means something that is endless or without end, that stand for something eternal or eternity itself. To think of something such as a truth that has neither any beginning nor any ending is challenging to the human mind and understanding. To speak of anything that has an ending but without any beginning is neither easy to grasp.

But to talk of something that has a beginning but without an ending – this is not that hard to understand – for Filipinos in particular – considering that there is such a long standing and living reality in the Republic of the Philippines. This is the Justice System in the country. There are literally thousands of cases in the Philippines that are presented to the local courts in various instances, that are therein filed long since and that are gathering dusts – plus cobwebs at times – while remaining unresolved or undecided upon. This is saying nothing about the big shots in the government and in business that make a big difference not only during the pendency but especially so on the occasion of the decisions/judgments on such cases.

Said cases have undergone the standard process from its initial presentation, investigation up to its formal admission and trial. And that’s it. People have to wait for the decisions of the sentences pronounced thereon “Forever and ever.” And this reality is definitely not something new or singular. It is enough to think of the horrible “Maguindanao Massacre.” Some 58 or 59 persons were nonchalantly murdered and unceremoniously buried with admirable coordination and speed. Yet, more than four years to this date, its formal trial appears to be still pending – “forever and ever.

Now comes the so-called “PDAF Scam” being looked in view of Plunder cases. For the purpose of legislation, one “whistle blower" after another were called and heard, this and that public official were named. In fact, even the so-called “Pork Barrel Queen” was also asked to speak, but speak she precisely refused to do so. More actual and possible witnesses have surfaced. But there is a recent startling development. The said “queen” now wants to talk, to tell all, thus furiously presenting herself as a “state witness” to speak her mind out, to name more names, who are supposedly beneficiaries as well of the “scam.” But this is after her recuperation from a major operation. Who are those who will be eventually accused of plunder in addition to those already identified? When will the cases be filed for trial before the proper court? How long will the judicial process be? How many appeals will be mad? Who will go to jail – if any?

Answer: This is an issue “forever and ever.” Amen!