Monday, May 26, 2014


Civility and gentility, gallantry and deference, respectability and cordiality – all these and other admirable personality traits forward the meaning and implications of the word “courtesy”. So it is that in spirit and intention, “Courtesy Resignation” says and implies nothing more than elementary “good manners and right conduct” as its fundamental reason. In fact, the assumption is that the more schooled someone is, the more trusted he is; the higher authoritative position he is appointed to, so, too, does the laudable practice of resignation therefrom out of courtesy, is an expression of respectful submission to the appointing authority.

Courtesy Resignation” is submitted by someone to the superior authority who appointed him into office by reason of trust, capability, friendship or other reasonable considerations. When the appointee becomes the object of distrust, be accused of wrongdoing and the like – true or not – it becomes a mandate of ethics for the same to submit his resignation out of courtesy to the appointing authority. Hereto belongs the right and prerogative to accept or reject the resignation as dictated by prudence. This is why “Courtesy Resignation” is usually considered as a sign not only of self-respect but respect as well for the authority that made the appointment.

In these times and under the present administration, such a practice of honor and decency appears unknown and thus blatantly unobserved. How come? It is enough to say the abominable phrase “PDAF Scam” – not to mention so many other shady deals and shameful contracts – the nature and implications of which are in the sphere of big graft and huge corrupt practices. Definitely more than one Malacañang appointee has been denounced publicly as personally involved in the infamous porky deals. And more than one appointee of Malacañang have been tagged as incompetent or ineffective in key administrative agenda thereto entrusted. And the record stands that no one – yes, no one as of this writing – had the courtesy to submit his resignation and allow Malacañang to accept or reject it.

These are not only hard but truly trying times for the People of the Philippines in general – even but considering the singular and monumental, wanton and callous thievery of their hard earned money demanded by the government – in form of different kinds of taxes for different reasons – in order to fill up the public coffers intended to finance public welfare. But lo and behold, so very much of the people’s money merely end in the big, deep, and bottomless pockets of singularly covetous public authorities – be they unfortunately elected or undeservingly appointed.

What a shameless, crooked, and unfortunate legacy to the young people of the Philippines!