Wednesday, May 14, 2014


“This is a verified complaint for the impeachment of BENIGNO SIMEON AQUINO III, incumbent President of the Republic of the Philippines, pursuant to, and upon the grounds enumerated in, Article XI, Sections 2 and 3 of the Philippines Constitution namely, CULPABLE VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION, BRIBERY, AND GRAFT AND CORRUPTION, each one of which constitutes a HIGH CRIME and a BETRAYAL Of PUBLIC TRUST.”

Thus stands the introduction of the Complaint now circulating in the country, accepting the signatures of Complaints (all Filipino Citizens) and thus giving them the opportunity to register their fast growing exasperation with the action and reaction patterns of the President. It can be said that the Complaint is in the effect gaining acceptance because of the emergence of the detestable PDAF scam, the infamous EDCA, not to mention practically giving away SABAH - among other questionable presidential options due to perceived incompetent leadership.

The main question being asked about the Complaint is certainly not about the objective truth of the impeachable offenses therein cited but rather about its viability - even assuming that millions of Filipinos affix their signatures thereto. In other words, it is an open secret that the constitutional provision on the three co-equal Branches of Government is nicely worded and written, but actually a charade on ground reality during these times. Reason: The Philippine Congress and Senate are said to be in the right and left pockets of the President of the Republic. This is saying nothing about the Supreme Court whose “Power of the Pen” seems to be somehow empty of ink, or so to speak, and some of its Justices are said to be discontented.

In other words, with the well known given partisan political composition of Congress, how could the Impeachment Complaint be accepted? And with the likewise widely known partisan political members of the Senate, how could the same Complaint undergo trial - assuming that Congress made its acceptance? So it is that there are those who say that an Impeachment Complaint launched versus the President is like “boxing in the dark.”

It is said that for those promoting the Complaint and gathering signatures in support thereof, it is not only relevant but also important to know the pulse or the sentiment of the people in general about the acta and gesta of the incumbent President of the Republic of the Philippines - something that can be verified when a big number of them precisely affix their signatures thereto. More, with such a phenomenon, it can no longer be commonly and readily said that most Filipinos are deaf and dumb, mute and blind.