Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Something is wrong

It is not true that everything is wrong in the Philippines, that the Filipinos are wrong in choosing their leaders, that the present administration has done nothing right. The truth is that the Philippines is Number One in the marvels of nature, the Filipinos are patient and forgiving, and the present administration is an expert in engaging in imaginations and denying realities – perhaps without really intending to do so but simply due to a given mind set and pursuant stance.

But then, when people sit down to think, to talk calmly among themselves and to take note of what is happening to their country, most of them end up with questions and more questions about the lamentable facts they know, the saddening events they see taking place in the Philippines. Filipinos are by and large optimist. But there are times when they eventually come to know and to actually accept sad and pitiful Philippine actualities.

There is the disgusting practice of importing garbage from certain counties while shamelessly exporting shabu to some foreign places. Is it because there is not enough garbage in the Philippines and shabu is now considered as a proud produce of this country?

There is the lamentable phenomenon of the Philippines importing rice while it is said to be a rice producing country. It is sad to know that imported rice is much cheaper than locally produced rice that precisely inspire and cause rice importation. This is a living contradiction.

There is the standing fact that the country is sending Filipinos away for them to find work abroad while at the same time not only ardently inviting but also avidly welcoming foreign professional gamblers to the Philippines. It appears that there is not enough vices in this country.

There is the paradox of embracing foreign tourists and at the same time driving away the locals who get in the way of tourism. While it is not wrong to entice and welcome foreign visitors, neither it is right to look down at the natives who happen to be the inhabitants of a designated tourist spot.

There is this and that internal war being fought in this or that place of the country. At the same time, there are preparations for war against a mighty foreign nation at the instance of another foreign nation. It is not hard to predict that the ultimate loser in all of these is the Philippines.

Philippines, my Philippines, where goest thou?