Monday, April 07, 2014

Quotable Quotes

The personal constitution -- mental framework, volitional designs, and emotional state -- of a speaker readily revealed by his speeches. And thus it is that the constitutive totality of a person is well revealed by what he says and does not say. This is simply states the reality of the maxim that a shark is caught by its big mouth. The same is true for man. This is but stating a conclusive fact -- without the least intention of offending, much less disgracing anyone. The truth may be denied and/or disregarded as something preposterous, ridiculous, and therefore unwelcome. But the truth remains, taking into account that truth knows no party.

The most illustrious personage in the country holding the highest office in the land and exercising the most powerful position in the Philippines, understandably speaks often in the assumption that he has so many ideas to convey, so many things to say to so many people on so many occasions. And it is his prerogative to do so not only based on the freedom of speech but also premised on his national standing -- plus even international relevance -- as the President of this Republic. Among the "quotable quotes" he clearly and openly made are the following -- said in this or that occasion.

A. "Ignore hopeless people."
This is a preposterous statement, considering that hopeless people are the ones who precisely need more attention and care.

B. "Bahala na ang diyos sa inyo, busy ako."
This is practically a blasphemy, invoking the name of god to belittle and insult people who are precisely dear to him.

C. "I am heir to the wisdom of great men and women who came before me."
This is not worth commenting on, considering it is a vain claim that has elements of presumption incarnate.

D. "They know I rarely lose my patience but I hope they would not try to find out how far I would go."
This is the feeling of omnipotence, the proclamation of pride with disregard to what is improper and unjust.

E. "I will not let peace be snatched from my people again."
This is an aspiration and consequent declaration for the desired reception of the "Noble Peace Prize."