Monday, April 14, 2014

"My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?" (Matthew 27:47)

For having preached the infallible truths about God and man, for having converted people to leave the life of vice and to instead live the life of virtue, for having comforted the afflicted, fed the hungry, cured the sick ... there was Christ scourged, crown with thorns, nailed to the Cross. No wonder then that His very "Fourth Word" was some kind of complaint mixed with wondering. He felt abandoned and thus asked the question, "Why?" After following Your Will, after fulfilling the task You gave me, after doing what I had to, why have You abandoned Me?

Just thinking aloud in all sincerity and candor -- with the least intention of offending much less insulting anybody but simply bringing the "Fourth Word" of Christ to ground reality, the People of the Philippines can and may readily ask some questions, too -- addressed to the Government, to the present administration in particular. And just as no answer was given to the question of Christ, much less will the Filipinos receive any answer from the powerful individuals lording over them -- for the past four years at least. Some of their more perplexing and disturbing questions are the following:

Question: Why is it that we have barely food to eat, old clothes to wear, shanties to live it while you wallow in abundance, live luxuriously, have palatial homes, ride luxurious vehicles? Why?

Question: Why is it that we pay all kinds of taxes from birth to death, pay even for the use of public utilities and yet do not even feel the reality of public welfare supposed to be rendered by public servants. Why?

Question: Why is it that there are more and more crimes against lives and properties, more and more criminals uncaught and unpunished notwithstanding all kinds of law enforcers paid by public taxes. Why?

Question: Why is it that once caught and brought face the law, the bigger personalities involved, the more favors and privileges they have, the bigger and better accommodations they have and enjoy? Why?

Question: Why is it that a big number of those we elected into public offices -- previously proclaiming their integrity and repeatedly promising their honesty -- are in fact big practitioners of graft and corruption? Why?