Friday, April 25, 2014

“MAN HANGS HIMSELF AFTER SIBLINGS' SUICIDES” (Philippine Star. 16 April 2014. Page 14)

So the news item said it straight and clear. A 21-year-old man hanged himself after his elder brother committed suicide and also after his elder sister previously killed herself too. Something is wrong – very wrong – with the phenomenon of no less than three children in one and the same family taking their own lives, even assuming that their parents did not like them even but conceived, much less in fact born. This is not to mention a good number of instances when parents kill their own children, children kill their own parents. Human life is becoming more and more cheap in this country.

So it is that not only covert but also frontal murders take place with such regularity that it is no longer news when people are killed. When no one is killed within one day, that is news – great news indeed! There are the so-called “political” killings – be these before or after elections. There are killings occasioned by family feuds. There are killings instanced by thievery during the day or at night. There are the killings occasioned by illegal gambling. And worthy of mention too are the infamous “Summary Executions” done here and there. This is not to mention the numerous killings occasioned by deadly typhoons and mortal road accidents.

Nothing is herein mentioned about practically non-stop killings in Mindanao – with or without any “Agreement,” no matter how “Comprehensive” such could be. Nothing is also said here about the ideological killings that regularly takes places especially in Luzon and nothing at all is said about the abundance and proliferation of deadly drugs that have become standard means of being ecstatic, carefree though fatal sooner or later. And nothing in particular is herein said about the pending thermo-nuclear war that has the Philippines – slowly and surely – as a base for the incoming and outgoing big time weapons, courtesy of an “Uncle.”

Such numerous sad and saddening news of so many deaths, through so many ways and means, must be good to hear and great to know on the part of anti-life people. These give so much time, put so much effort, spend so much money to stop the coming of life – not only before lives are conceived but also when lives are still unborn. It can be thus said that living-people are considered as the enemies precisely of anti-life people. The very fact that they do not want conception to take place and much less do they want the unborn to be counted among the living in this world – it would be a big insult and offense to them to be called “pro-lifers.”

Hopefully, the above observation is not the truth but mere imagination, not reality but simply an assumption.