Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Is there any reality on earth more meaningful, more precious, and more significant than life? Will somebody dare say how much is life – either to have it, to sell or buy it? Can anyone give life to himself? Can life be bought or sold – and if so, where, when, and who can purchase it – and at what cost? The solemn truth is that life is not only precious but also actually priceless. So it is that Easter proclaims that Christ Himself took back the life taken away from Him. And so it is both sacred and solemn to recall that Christ did this by nothing less than His Resurrection from the death. Even those who do not believe in any god of any kind keep, care for, and protect their lives.

So it is that even but in the here and now, in ordinary circumstances and among common realities, if there is no life, what is there? If there is no life, what is anything and everything for? If there is no life, why should there be anything else? Life is the culmination of being. Life is the summit of everything that is good and invaluable, that is significant and relevant. Life is the fundamental rationale of truth, justice, and peace. To be pro-life is not only ethical but also moral. To be anti-life – just as to be pro-death – is not simply irrational but also pathetic.

This is why contraception and abortion – not to mention suicide – are enigmatic if not censurable whereas their patrons think, move, and act against elementary logic, contrary to simple reason. As to contraception, why would a man and a woman – a couple – avidly seek and enjoy the pleasure of their union and yet automatically do away with their natural obligation that goes therewith in the event of conception? As to abortion which is downright killing of an innocent unborn, if the murder of anyone is highly censurable, how much more culpable is the killing not only of any unborn child but one’s own child at that? As to suicide, how could anyone do away with life he did not even give himself? Contraception and abortion and suicide have one thing in common: Life is not simply belittled but downright rejected.

For a start, it is not really unreasonable to ask those already born and alive: Why are you angry not only with those who are still unborn but also those who are not even conceived yet? Why is it that you do not like – if not actually hate – others to be in this world while you want to have and enjoy all worldly goods and worldly pleasures herein?

Furthermore, why do you blame the population for the extensive poverty and much misery in the Philippines? Why don’t you instead address and accordingly act against the large-scale graft and corrupt practices in the country? Why is it that you instead prefer to vanish children all over the land? Why?

Finally, perhaps, just perhaps, anti-life people would love cemeteries where there is no life!