Friday, April 11, 2014

Killings Unlimited

It is bad enough when soldiers kill civilians. It is not really proper to celebrate when policemen kill criminals. It is disgusting when individuals are victims of summary executions. It is lamentable when neighbors kill neighbors. And it is most appalling when parents kill their own children who are not even born yet, who are precisely altogether dependent on and expecting their mothers and fathers to love and care for them, to protect, and to support them until they can on their own.

It is bad enough when fathers rape their own daughters. It is even worse if mothers kill their own unborn child. While it is intrinsically evil to kill anyone, it is very much worse when a mother – with the consent if not the prodding of the father – kills her child still in her womb. Even the unborn has an inalienable right to life and all rights thereto appended. Truth to tell, it is something abnormal when a female animal kills its own unborn kind. What is it then when a mother kills her very own unborn child.

So it is that even the Fundamental Law of the land expressly and officially provides – as nothing less than a State Policy: The State … “shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn.” This constitutional provision is so clear and simple that eve school children somehow already understand it. Yet, strange but true, there are a good number of legislators – the MalacaƱang occupant included – inclusive of some jurists and professionals who do not. Such a pretended ignorance becomes even more nauseating when killing the born is done by supposedly Doctors of Medicine whose main agenda is primarily to save life.

To those who are ignorant of what it is really going on or pretend to know better than what Natural Law, functional reason and/or sound ethics provide, the socio-moral battle these days is no longer about contraception that prevents conception through anti-natalist practices, use of contraceptives of all kinds of forms – vasectomy and tubal ligation included. The bone of contention these times is already about legalization of abortion. Never mind the Constitution, this can be changed. Never mind about the murder of the unborn, this is but population control. Never mind morality or immorality, whereas it is the time of amorality – the ultimate meaning of which is what I like is good and what I do not like is bad. Plain and simple!

To those promoting and/or subscribing to abortion, they are lucky their parents did not abort them when they were not yet born. Otherwise, they would not be around to say, to do anything. And thus alive and grown up, would that they do not murder their own children precisely by aborting them. Men and women, who are pro-abortion, are very dangerous and even mortal enemies of their unborn children. They are no better than those who killed Christ! Heaven forgive them!