Monday, April 28, 2014

Judas Set the Example

Yes, Judas Iscariot set the example – the bad example. Shamelessly, he did what is shameful to do. Historically, he immortalized not only what evil is but how evil man can be. This is why after many centuries have passed, after different cultures and traditions have changed, after so many novelties came to fore, the name Judas still sounds despicable, still remains despicable. It is wherefore hard – if at all possible – to know of someone who even thought of seriously adopting the name “Judas” as his own. The name alone stands for greed, avarice, covetousness, and disgrace as well.

So it was that the keeper of the purse for the common needs of the apostles was someone named Judas. So it was that Judas eventually betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. And so it was that Judas hanged himself to death. So it is that the successors of Judas multiplying to these times, the world over. So it is more and more money for more and more national and local ghost projects is shamelessly stolen by Judases from the public coffers. And so it is that unless these Judases vanish from the Philippine scene, more and more Filipinos will wallow in poverty and misery, will live in vain as well.

Courtesy of Filipino Judases, so big, extensive, and expensive government set-up for little and miserable public service rendered to the people. Hence, so many taxes imposed on so many items as demanded for so many reasons. So little money spent for the common good while so much people’s money used for the private interest of public servant. Hence, so much giveaway of public funds to buy political allegiance. To pay pro-impeachment votes. So much expenses incurred for non-existent supposedly beneficial project coursed through corrupt individuals and corrupting government agencies. Hence, so much expenses for public utilities for so little benefits to the public. So much effort made in pushing for the infamous PPP to favor much private profits at the expense of the general public.

Just for the record, it was not the 30 pieces of silver that was really bad, it was Judas who was  in fact evil. It is not money that is taboo but the insatiable individuals who want to have them no matter what and how, and keep them come what may. Money builds or destroys, depending in whose hands it is on and what the intention is. Money makes people live or die taking into account the mindset and design of those who have it. In other words, in the hands of honest and beneficent individuals, money is good. At the command of dishonest and malevolent person, of crooks and criminals, money is evil.

Money is not the cause of evil – as frequently said and heard. Judases are the origin of evil. Sad but true, there is a good number of judases in the Philippines to ruin of the future of the Filipino people. Now, what?