Wednesday, April 30, 2014


For one reason or another – but with special reference to so many bad news taking place in the country these times – the annoying detestable and irritating word “Cronyism“ has come to fore once again. Crony or comrade, pal or buddy, chum or ally, cohort or accomplice – these are the bad words that come to mind with but the mere mention of the term. It can be said though – while those concerned could readily deny its relevance to themselves – that the living reality plus censurable implications and consequences of the phenomenon have been existent in the Philippine political scene long since.

Under whatever novel name or title, but with its marked pejorative and even disgusting undertones, when those in tenure of political power resorts to the accompaniment of "Cronies“ – of one kind or another, from this and that sector society – this is ipso facto a bad omen. This is when the dependent principal plus such dubious companions mean bad news for the ordinary citizens. This is when the common good or public welfare is sacrificed in favor of such chosen ones. This is when the government becomes more pro-pals – relative, allies, and friends – than pro-people.

When “Cronyism” becomes a matter-of-course not only in the mind but also in the pursuant actuations of those in tenure of powerful public offices, the general public pays for it in more ways than one. Honor, competence, and integrity of the allies do not matter whereas what really count are their gratitude, loyalty, and patronage. This is also when what truly counts are the good, the benefit, and the welfare of the chums, cronies, comrades, but of the general public’s, never mind. It can be said that “Cronyism” has already become chronic in Philippine government.

While “Cronyism” can be said as a long standing accompaniment of Philippine politics, the following but three signal realities can be mentioned even if only to affirm and emphasize its living reality in the country long since – even after the much and loud rejoicing with the ouster of the Martial Law Regime:

1.”Kamaganak Incorporated
This is not only famous but also infamous accompaniment of the government right after the Marcos Regime.

2. “KKK
This is the very early ingredient of the present administration that is anything but admirable and gratifying.

3. “Dynasty
This is formally forbidden in the government by the Constitution of the Philippines that remain zero in observance.