Monday, April 21, 2014

Conference of reproductive and sexual health and rights

Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights
International Planned Parenthood
Marie Stopes International
Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Asia-Pacific & Research Center for Women
United Nations Populations Fund
(7th Conference, 21=24 January 2014, PICC)

The Conference was singular, as it was not held anytime, anywhere, with just anybody in attendance. The Conference was impressive considering not only its distinguished participants from all over Asia-Pacific but also on account of the singular place it was held. The Conference was considered highly confidential that it was now well known, much less publicized. But just the same, there was this or that individual who could not stand still and keep quiet about the heinous intent and content of the Conference.

So it is that according to a quiet report made, the Conference was even mortal whereas it was about downright abortion as an ingrained element of contraception. In other words, it was against life not only in preventing conception but also in killing the unborn. Thus it is that the Conference considered the use of plain contraceptives as passé it is categorically promoting the use of downright abortive means. Translation: Do not only prevent life to come but also terminate it when it comes about.

So it is that human life is considered taboo such that it should not be allowed even but to be conceived, much less left alone to be born. Human life has become so hateful that all possible means at all possible costs should be used and spent respectively to get rid of it as early as possible. It is worth noting that participants in the Conference coming from several anti-life organizations should take into good account the following observations.

It was good that their parents allowed them to be conceived and to be born. Otherwise, they would not be around to promote death.

It is good for them to promote hunger, sickness, and war in particular – the more deadly, the better. This would spare them for still promoting abortion.

It will do them good to ponder on the truth that the other name for abortion is the murder of the innocent. Murdering the innocent is not a small crime.

Pro-abortion people, think again and again and again, please!