Monday, March 31, 2014


According to official Church Teaching:

Pope Francis: Vicar of Christ. Successor of Peter. Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. Sovereign of the Vatican City State, Europe.

According to the secular mass media:

Pope Francis: Man of the Year. Number One among the fifty well-known and influential persons in the world.

According to an AFP Officer:

Pope Francis: Shepherd-in-Chief.

It is not hard to understand and to affirm that after but some months of his election to the Papacy with the whole world watching the significant phenomenon, Pope Francis has honestly and sincerely shown himself as someone really distinguished and truly admirable without intending to be so. He talks as he thinks. He acts as he likes. He loves people, children in particular. He moves as he is inspired. He is much concerned with humanity as a whole, especially the poor – irrespective of their race, color, and creed. He lives in simplicity. He speaks with sincerity and candor. And he likes and invites the whole Church to do the same!

Truth to tell, the invitation is in fact a loud and vibrant challenge made to the Laity, the Men and Women Religious, the Clergy – especially the Hierarchy. The time has come for them to lead simple lives, have simple needs, and have ample time to help the helpless as the spirit of the world is exactly the opposite. This is becoming more and more complicated, luxurious, self-centered, and materialistic. It is nonchalantly covetous, egoistic and Hellenistic. It worships gold. It covets diamonds. It despises the poor, laughs at the miserable. And more hideous: It is much more prepared for war than peace.

That is why Pope Francis can be readily said and rightfully considered as the gift of God to the Church and to the world. And this is neither but poetry nor illusion. The world is becoming worse. The Church is getting tired. This is why not only the Church but also the world needs an honest-to-goodness spiritual leader in order to energize the Christians, to inspire humanity. Both the Church and the world are in dire need of shepherding that leads the sheep to the right path, cares for them the right way, and protects them from evil and harm.