Wednesday, March 12, 2014


There is the Philippines where fun is evasive for more and more the Filipinos. There are also the President with doubtful leadership attributions. There is furthermore Publicity with the thought that good or bad publicity is still publicity. Hereto relevant is Popularity according to dubious surveys. Lastly, there is the Poverty wherefrom big politicians as well as big businessmen are exempted. Thus stands one of the meanings of PPPPP. But here it does not stop. Here it does not end.

There is furthermore the Palace where services are prime and enviable. There is also presidential Pedigree that started somewhere and seems to have no ending in sight. And there is Politics that is above ethics and morals. Add hereto are Privileges lavishly granted to beloved allies and great friends. End this with Phobia to anything critical or unfavorable. All these also spell PPPPP. But again, here it does not stop. Nor here does it end.

There is the Public-Private Partnership of the Philippine President. This is the plain and direct meaning of PPPPP – a highly questionable invention, a very dangerous venture, an impoverishing contraction the ultimate victims of which is and will surely be the Poor People of the Philippines (PPP). This lamentable conclusion is based on standard realities which requires neither any academic degree to know nor any professional expertise to understand as they are rather elementary in nature and implications.

What are public utilities? There are services to the general public provided and sustained by the government through all kinds of taxes paid by the people day and night to the same government – just like public roads, public transport, public hospitals and the like.

What are private businesses? There are corporations or companies usually owned by private individuals or families that provide capital layouts to establish and manage business ventures in deliberate and consistent pursuit of profits – with the over-all spirit of the more profits earned, the better.

What is President leaving behind? Whereas the President is not forever and ever considering he has a time—defined tenure of office according to the Constitution – unless this were changed for the better or the worst – he better be very careful of what he will leave behind, i.e., a legacy of public welfare or public disaster, of common good or common calamity. The plan of the incumbent President of converting public utilities in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) is contrary to public good. It is a betray of a Public Office for public welfare. What a disastrous inheritance for the People of the Philippines! What a lamentable legacy to the Filipinos!